Teleradiology, Radiology Reporting Services India

Dedicated to Provide Diagnostic Teleradiology Reporting Solutions and Consultation Services across the Globe

Narayana Health Teleradiology 24/7 is based in Bangalore, India. Among the leading Teleradiology reporting service companies in India, NH Telrad 24×7 has been providing remote radiology reporting services to hospitals and diagnostic centers across multiple countries. At NH, we offer world class healthcare at an affordable cost. The Radiology reporting Services division at NH Telrad 24×7 has been developed as a part of NH Health City by our visionary chairman Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, to provide a complete teleradiology support, round-the-clock to your setup.

Narayana Health’s Teleradiology (NH Telrad 24/7) is dedicated to provide excellence in diagnostic Teleradiology interpretations and consultative services across the globe. As the name suggests, NH Telrad 24/7 provides complete 24×7 Teleradiology Service coverage for diagnostic image interpretations for conventional radiology services (CR/DR), Ultrasound, Color Doppler, CT scan, MRI, PET-CT etc. We also offer preliminary and final interpretations to hospitals and diagnostic centers which require additional support in managing overflow during busy hours, vacation or weekends coverage. We have the state-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise available to provide round-the-clock, reliable and efficient service to our clients.

We partner with diagnostic centers, hospitals, medical groups and other entities that require remote, off-site reading of diagnostic imaging studies using our Teleradiology services. Being an integral part of the NH Health city, NH Teleradiology 24/7 is a completely physician owned Teleradiology Service.

NH Telrad 24/7 provides the following Teleradiology services:

• Sub Specialty Teleradiology
• Dayhawk & Nighthawk Teleradiology
• Radiology Locum Support
• Off-hours Coverage to Radiology Department

What are the benefits?

• Dedicated teleradiology support
• Sub specialty Teleradiology
• Round the clock coverage
• Fast Turn Around Time (TAT)
• High Quality Teleradiology Services at affordable costs